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McDermott Will & Emery Health Law Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

COVID-19 led to major policy changes impacting how healthcare is delivered and reimbursed but only some of these new policies will endure in coming years. On this episode of the McDermott Health Podcast, our colleagues from McDermott+Consulting join us to discuss how the pandemic has changed the conversation leading up to the November presidential election and how key policy issues will evolve in the months and years to come. McDermott’s Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Tullio is joined by Eric Zimmerman, Mara McDermott and Jessica Roth to discuss topics surrounding the pandemic-induced policy shifts, including:


  • Highly-critical healthcare policy issues that need to be addressed immediately


  • The vulnerability of a fee-for-services payment system and the alternate direction policies are shifting toward


  • Repercussions of telehealth policy changes for Medicare beneficiaries


  • Consequences of consolidation on policy changes, legislation and the federal budget


  • Prioritized health policy objectives that healthcare stakeholders can expect to see from each presidential candidate


  • Additional transformational healthcare policies of note, including surprise billing and increased transparency


  • Steps that healthcare stakeholders need to take now to prepare for 2021


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