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McDermott Will & Emery Health Law Podcast

Oct 6, 2020

COVID-19 led to major policy changes impacting how healthcare is delivered and reimbursed but only some of these new policies will endure in the coming years. On this episode of the McDermott Health Podcast, we discuss how provider organizations can innovate their business models and care delivery to adapt and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world. McDermott’s Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Tullio is joined by Sandy DiVarco and Emily Cook to discuss topics surrounding the impact of the pandemic on healthcare provider organizations, including:


  • The value of government-provided playbooks for healthcare providers in national situations


  • Proper handling of the volume and dynamic nature of information that is conveyed to healthcare providers


  • The impact that the increased demand of telehealth will have on the industry from a regulatory perspective


  • The benefit of telehealth to hospitals and healthcare providers through the COVID-19 months and into the future


  •  Key points leaders need to be aware of as the healthcare industry moves beyond the pandemic


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